Front Cover • 1-2

The interactive guide pages below match your ATA Carnet and the accompanying booklet, click on a page to view full size and see instructions. You can also download a narrow format copy as a PDF file. If you came direct to this guide, our main website can be found at ATA Carnet UK.

If you have lost, or need assistance to use your ATA Carnet, please contact us for support.

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White Counterfoil • 5-6

Cover Pages

Yellow Counterfoil • 3-4


Exportation Voucher • 7-8

Importation Voucher • 9-10

Re-Exportation Voucher • 11-12

Re-Importation Voucher • 13-14

If you are on a small screen device, you may find viewing the ATA Carnet guide as a PDF file easier.

We are also here to assist our clients in person, you are welcome to contact the Dynamic Dox support team.

Once your journey is over, or within 12 months of issue, your completed ATA Carnet must be returned to:


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